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alive in münchen

Party at the Night GalleryI’m alive, and to prove it there’s this post.

Skiing in Österreich was a lot of fun. The snow wasn’t fresh, but it was good, all the same.

Last night, I was able to be 10 (or more) years younger at a “night gallery” – a large disco in downtown Munich. Dominik and Pia were great hosts to this old foagy, and we had a great time: lots of beer and other booze, lots of dancing and lots of good music – and the scenery (of the female variety) was also quite good. 😉

Today is Fasching – the German equivalent of Mardi Gras. People in downtown Munich will don crazy costumes and drink large amounts of alcohol on this last night before lent. It should be quite the fun experience.

Wish me luck….

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