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why rock racing’s title sponsor is having issues

So it turns out that Rock Racing – the bad boys of pro cycling – might have sponsor issues as Rock & Republic encounters financial woes. It seems that R&R is being forced to lay off staff and cut back expenditures in this current economic downturn.

Perhaps they’d be wise to rethink their business model. $400 pairs of jeans just don’t hold the interest of the average clothes buyer. Let’s face it: these jeans really aren’t all that much better than a $30 pair of Old Navy jeans. Really, where does the extra $370 go? Michale Ball’s party girl fund and the drug supply for his so-called “fashion designers”?

And perhaps he’d move more of his cool-looking cycling kits if he wasn’t charging $210 for a jersey. I’ve seen these clothes, and while the build quality is top-notch, is it really worth the price of three top-quality jerseys from Primal, Voler or Pearl Izumi? I don’t think so. And now these clothes are “priced to move” at holiday sale prices that are still $130 and up – not exactly affordable.

So perhaps, Mr. Ball, you might want to aim at the pocketbooks of the average fan: get them in your bike clothes, track suits and jeans at an affordable price and drop the bling (no more Cadillac SUV caravans and silicone-enhanced bimbos at the finish lines). Your team, which is full of talent, could continue and thrive, and your business could do the same.

Just sayin’…

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