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a charlie brown holiday

I feel like Charlie Brown today, mixed with a bit of Murphy and his stupid laws.

Nothing I’ve done has gone right. Everything I’ve gotten involved with has somehow gotten… well, not necessarily ruined, but certainly hasn’t risen to any acceptable expectation. Some of the roots of today go back a week or so, but everything came to a head today.

The only thing that turned out right was the soup for dinner.

I’m a stubborn only child, and on days like today it becomes very clear that this stubbornness can be a self-sustaining entropy generator.

And that’s what today has been. Murphy, bless him, was an optimist. And Charlie Brown always managed to find something positive amidst his rather pathetic existence. Even the Great Gonzo, he of the failed trumpet blare, always looked on the bright side of things.

I’m trying – really, I am. It’s just that today was a day filled with a lot of things that just didn’t go right. I feel like a dunderhead, and I don’t like it.

Of all the days in 2008, today is the Charlie Browniest.

(And I apologize to anyone who may have seen the negative side of a Charlie Brown day from me today. T’was not my best day.)

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