The inauguration brought forth a new day to DC, the country and the world.

A bunch of us decided to see what the crowds were like heading down to The Mall. They were sizable, for sure, but unified in positive attitude, which was a marked contrast from the typical protest crowd that tends to assemble in similar numbers here in DC.

But we weren’t planning on getting onto The Mall (indeed, the northern entrances to the event closed just after 9:45 am), instead opting to watch from the comforts of a Dupont Circle bar. It was a wise move, as we had hot beverages, decent food, a high-def TV and heating at our disposal. So we sat at James Hoban’s Pub for almost six hours, soaking in all of the inaugural pageantry and ritual. We cheered, we clapped, we laughed and we occasionally critiqued the events surrounding President Obama’s swearing-in ceremony.

And tonight, we had a great time at The Hill Ball. The big band was hot, the friends were fun (as usual), and the dancing was energetic. It was a fitting way to celebrate the dawning of a new – and long overdue – political era in DC. There are many pictures to upload – that will happen in the next couple of days.

We capped the night with a late dinner at Tunnicliffe’s at Eastern Market. A burger at midnight-plus-thirty seems a bit excessive, but even the Obamas hadn’t yet had their last dance of the night. So we ate, laughed and enjoyed the camaraderie of an inaugural day gone right.