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ten on tuesday: goals are for soccer

So Carole does another non-knitting “Ten on Tuesday,” and I’m compelled to join in. The subject: 10 goals for the summer. I think you can guess where my goals will be….

  1. Get back in prime cycling shape. This goal is vexing me right now: I’m back on the bike, essentially cleared to ride anything (though I still need my doc’s full “OK” to do the big stuff – I’m hoping it comes with tomorrow’s check-up), but feeling so out-of-it. I’m enjoying riding, but my climbing shape is woeful right now, and I have a lot of muscle mass to build back after the long sit-out and gradual build-up to riding again. Working on pedaling mechanics, good as it is in the long-run, doesn’t hold as much satisfaction as being able to climb like I usually can at this point. The rest of my riding friends are well ahead of me, thanks in part to the lack of winter we had in DC. And while I know that recovery from an adductor injury is a long, drawn-out, steady process, my inherent impatience is making things a bit tough. I have a lot of ground to make up, and having to do it in the midst of summer’s heat and humidity will make it extra challenging.
  2. Rebuild my carbon bike. The frame has been repaired for months, but sitting in a shipping box. I’ve stalled rebuilding it because of…. well, because of depression due to not being able to ride and riding like crap. I think I’ll be happier once it’s built and back on the road (and I’ll have two road bikes to choose from in riding – woot!).
  3. Do a mass de-cluttering. The Burrow is in a weird state of “packed” right now, and I could stand to clear out some things that I’m not using any more, but I’m sure could be used by others. Goodwill, local bike swaps and co-ops, eBay: be forewarned, I’m coming!
  4. Cook more. Part of the de-cluttering will involve “rationalizing the pantry.” This will make me more likely to cook. That’s a win-win.
  5. Go camping. I’d like to go backwoods camping – hiking, backpack, tents and all – but would settle for car camping, all the same. That said: must go backpacking sometime in the none-too-distant future.
  6. Go to the beach a few times. I’m a person who believes a beach isn’t a real beach unless there is actual surf (thus why I was never too keen on the Connecticut beaches: salty water but no surf). Why? Because I like to body surf (or at least attempt to do it – success is fleeting). The nearest good beaches are a few hours from DC, but worth the trip.
  7. Go on more picnics and cookouts with friends. I feel that this often gets overlooked in my summer plans. Hopefully, it won’t in 2012 because I’ve committed to it here!
  8. Enjoy what little available weekday vacation time I have. Due to a double whammy of working in academia and a large, enterprise-wide roll-out happening this summer, my available weekday summer vacation time (i.e. the stuff that summer vacations are made of) is all-too-short this year. Putting it gently: I have all of June and a few days in July, and that’s about it. I could complain about the fact that, unlike most of my DC friends, I don’t get to enjoy the dog days of summer with 4-day work weeks (believe me, it’s highly irksome), but that’s just a waste of time. So a road trip sometime in June is a must.
  9. Stay sane. The aforementioned big roll-out, happening in July, will likely tap my physical and emotional strength. My department is expected to turn in long work days for extended stretches of time, and I don’t cope well with these situations if they drag on for too long. So I’ll need my sanity checks along the way.
  10. Keep a positive outlook, come what may. Since my injury, I’ve had more than my share of ups and downs. I’ve found myself fighting to stay positive, and it’s a tough battle. Thus summer’s busy times and tough situations with regard to my favorite summer pastime have me in a bit of an anticipatory funk. I just need to take every day as it comes and find the positives wherever they are hiding. I can’t promise that every day will be good, but I hope that every day has at least one positive moment.

I know that sprite has her list, and that Sarah may also play along. Do any of my readers have specific summer goals? Post ’em in the comments!

(Note that I haven’t mentioned soccer until now? Good!)

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