I realize I’ve been remiss in summing up my 2012 in any meaningful way (happy new year, by the way!). It’s not that I’ve had nothing to say, but I just haven’t been in the right place (with a computer with a full keyboard – no offense, WordPress iOS app, but thumb typing posts is not my thing) when the mood struck.

Tonight, though, I felt like it was time to buck up and put down my thoughts in this maligned blog.

So, without and further delay, here is a quick synopsis of my 2012 in cycling terms:

  • Total miles ridden: 4,599.18
  • Total rolling time: 300 hours, 40 minutes (yes, that’s a tad more than 12.5 days in the saddle – yikes!)
  • Highest mileage month: September (754 miles)
  • Lowest mileage month: March (zero miles, as I was injured)
  • Longest single-day ride: 111 miles (Great River Ride, October 7)
  • Total rides 100 miles or greater: 6
  • Miles ridden on the Pedal Force ZX3: 2,314
  • Miles ridden on the Jamis Eclipse: 2,143
  • Miles ridden on the Marin Indian Fire Trail (mountain bike): 77
  • Miles ridden on Capital Bikeshare: 65
  • Total commuting miles: 915
  • In summary, it was a very successful year on the bike. Given I missed 9 weeks due to injury, I likely would have ended up with almost 5,500 miles (if not more) in 2012. I managed to do that while mostly avoiding the “two-per-weekend” long rides away from DC, choosing to venture further afield only one weekend day for most of the year. I focused on quality miles, not sheer quantity, and that worked well.

    So thank you, 2012 – you were a great cycling year (which made up for the crapfest that was 2012: The Ski Year).

    Thus far in 2013, I’ve covered almost 260 miles on a bicycle. Looking back through my records (I only started closely tracking my miles in 2006), I’m already 27 miles ahead of my previous record for January. Given the month is only 15 days old, that’s quite the feat! Blame the overly mild winter, I guess, but I’ll take it!