Last week, Mary G. put up a fun and unique cycling challenge: the “errandonnee.” The basic premise: run your errands, riding your bike, and chronicle the adventure by filling out an “errandonnee card” and snapping pictures of your journey.

The challenge started on Saturday, but I only got into the swing of it this week. My daily commute counts for one category, which is all well and good, but when I come home late, the night ride enters the fray. And that’s what I present here: my return commute, after sunset.

The view from Taft Bridge, looking down at the end of rush hour on Rock Creek Parkway:

Looking down on Rock Creek Parkway from Taft Bridge

Looking west at the moon and the last bits of twilight:

The sliver of the new moon, looking west across Taft Bridge

My bike’s handlebars, showing off my light, and looking at rush hour traffic heading northeast on Florida Ave NW (spot the cyclist):

The intersection of Florida Ave and R Streets NW

I’ll chronicle more #errandonneuring as I go along – stay tuned!