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the errandonnee: wrapping it all up

Today is the last day to log miles and trips for the 2013 Errandonn̩e Рeek! Given I still had a few controls to make, I had to find a way to multitask.

Fortunately, I found the perfect solution: do a lunch run to Whole Foods, book in hand, and pick up some post-work provisions at the same time. It is an elegant – and efficient – solution to this particular problem.

Riding up 37th Street NW toward Glover Park:

Heading north on 37th Street

Welcome to Glover Park:

Welcome to Glover Park

A favorite bit of street art on Hall Place NW:

Street art on Hall Place NW

Parked at the bike rack at Whole Foods in Glover Park, next to the rain barrel display:

Bike and rain barrels

My haul for the Personal Care & Health category: three beers (yes, Mary G. says they count!) and one skyr!

The haul: three beers and one skyr

My lunch, my second Coffee control, and my Library/Reading control, a fun book on artisan cheesemaking in the U.S. From this book, I learned that most cheeses, prior to the rise of industrial dairies in the 1930s and 1940s, was done by women at small farms – and that most of the new, artisan cheesemakers are women who are reclaiming the practice.

Lunch, coffee, book

So, that wraps up the 2013 Errandonnée. Here are the totals:

Total errandonee mileage to date: 137.5
Total controls: 9 categories, 13 controls (Work Commute [x2], Breakfast/Lunch [x2], Dinner, Grocery Store [x2], Bike Shop, Wild Card, Coffee [x2], Library/Reading, Personal Care & Health)

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