Yup, it’s Friday.

I’m thankful for that, because this work week has been dreadful.

All I can say is that I’m glad my new headphones (some extremely brightly colored Urban Beats that I bought last week at TJ Maxx) have excellent sound isolation, because the din of my office has been loud, negative in tone, and (for my co-workers, at least) quite counterproductive. Yes, there were some dramatic developments at my office, but that happens in all offices at some point – I’ve seen it before. I have my job to do, and the noise doesn’t help, so the headphones are a godsend.

That said, I’m looking forward to the weekend. There are plenty of things to do around the house (including trying to find room for another much-needed chest of drawers), and tomorrow’s predicted rainy weather will be conducive to that. On Sunday, I’ll ride the bike, and hopefully will be able to catch three great bands from Iceland down at Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage. I may watch some (or all) of the Oscars (I’ve seen all five of the “Best Animated Feature” nominees, and four of the nine “Best Picture” nominees).

Above all, I’ll recharge. Recharging is good.