With Dick Cheney saying that the president needs wiretaps to “establish the legitimate authority of the presidency,” it shows that this administration has no fucking clue about the separation of powers that are the hallmark of the stability of the republic that is the United States of America.

We do not vote for king – something that George Washington was adamant about in the first days of the USA. Hey, Dick: this is one of the “original framers” that you and your ilk hide behind when you defile the Constitution. In this case, history and facts are against you (though when have things like facts stood in your way?).

And it’s not like you’ve been using these draconian measures solely against legitimate terrorist threats. Records show that thes taps and illegal covert operations have also included such groups as:

  • Quakers
  • anti-war protesters
  • Catholics
  • gays
  • feminist groups

and likely countless other organizations that pose no threat against the United States, its people, its government and its interests.

Democrats: please grow a spine and impeach this illegitimate group of thugs before they irreparably damage the foundation of the union. Time is of the essence here – we need action now.

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