That’s the beginning and end of this abuse of FISA: George W. Bush has committed high crimes and misdemeanors. He has failed to uphold the law of the Constitution, for which he can – and should – be impeached.

He has openly admitted to breaking the law over 30 times since September 2001, and has expressed every intention to continue to break the law.

He has also attempted to cover his tracks, as Newsweek reveals, trying to hush the New York Times from running the story that revealed BushCo’s imperialist abuse of power.

The rule of law, even with regard to FISA, is extremely clear on matters of wiretaps: the very least that’s required is a 72-hour waiting period for a warrant to be obtained. President Bush hasn’t even recognized this simple requirement. And while Attorney General Gonzales says that Bush has the authority, I wouldn’t trust his word, given that many other attorneys have said otherwise, that Bush has clearly broken the law and is accountable for his actions.

In this case, the only reasonable option is impeachment and trial.