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going into domestic mode (for a good cause)

It’s now November 1, which means the beginning of National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo.

sprite is a participant in this endeavor, where she is to write a 175-page novel over the next month. She’s nervous as all getup about it, but she’ll do fine.

As such, I’m now in domestic mode: doing all the cooking, most of the cleaning, listening to the ideas. I’m the shoulder to cry on and the ear that will listen. I will provide the ibuprofen, tea, cookies, ice cream or chocolate when needed. I’ll make sure that I’m not interrupting her (note to self: might need to move PS2 into bedroom again), and I’ll try and make sure she gets some sleep amidst all the madness.

Go, sprite, go!

(And a big “go” to Jenn, too!)

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