sprite has started her take on the Great American Novelâ„¢. So far, so good – I think….

Today was another lovely day outside – too bad I was stuck inside for most of it. But I did get to sample the 70 degree weather during my lunch break – t’was nice….

Mom will be able to go to Europe with me in February – yay! She’s long overdue going back to visit her friends….

I can tell it’s the transition between bike and ski seasons, as I’m replying to more threads on EpicSki than at Bike Forums….

Speaking of cycling: I get a quick mention on this week’s episode of The FredCast. Thank you, David – love the show!

Perhaps sometime soon I’ll reveal my Super Top Secret Goal for 2007â„¢ – wouldn’t you like to know what it is? It is cycling related – I’ll say that much….

A new month means new playlists at Selective Service. Check ’em out – some good listening there….

And a shout-out to Iron Wil – keep yer chin up!