I love the politics of Wikipedia, especially when the “size of your manhood” debate rears its ugly, pointless head.

Case in point: the current uproar over the entry for Annabel Port, one of the co-hosts of “The Geoff Show” on Virgin Radio. Somebody suggested that Ms. Port’s entry be deleted as she is “of insignificant merit.”

There is a link for discussion of this issue, and many people – myself included – have chimed in with our opinions. Yet there’s a user who is trawling this discussion and trying to discredit those who haven’t made umpteen contributions to Wikipedia entries.

I’ve contributed to Wikipedia a total of 31 times. Most of these are edits to correct grammatical errors or add minor data. But in doing so, it’s increased the quality of these entries, making them more legible and accurate. I don’t contribute to entries where I have little-to-no knowledge of the subject matter at hand. You can view my contributions by clicking on this link.

Yet a Wikipedia user who thinks very highly of himself is harping on me for “only contributing minor edits to articles” as a means to somehow discredit my opinion on an entirely subjective matter.

Repeat after me: what the fuck?!?

If you check out my edits, many are, in fact, minor. But they’re edits that have stood the test of time. And some are major additions or necessary re-formatting of pages to make them more useful to Wikipedia patrons. The fact that most of my entries have survived intact should be a sign that my work hasn’t been trivial.

A look at MSJapan’s contribution history shows that he’s performed more edits and engaged in more discussion, but that his contributions haven’t necessarily been any more major than mine, or those of other Wikipedia users who he’s chosen to try and discredit.

So, to MSJapan, I say this: get a first life!

(Update: the eventual outcome of the Annabel Port entry was to keep it – yay, Annabel!)