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the errandonnee: fetching a birthday breakfast

Another day, another errand – thus more errandonneuring!

Today, February 14th, is sprite’s birthday! Hooray! So I wanted to give her a breakfast that would make the start of her day extra special. Given she wasn’t wowed by Zeke’s Donutz, I went for what I consider to be the standard-bearer in great donuts here in DC: Heller’s Bakery

So before sprite got out of bed, I was out the door, riding to Mount Pleasant to pick up some fresh, donutty goodness for my love:

Riding the bike lane NE on Columbia Road. The lane, while far from smooth, is far, far better than its previous, two-lane, mixed traffic configuration. However, you still see a lot of delivery vehicles block the lane at various times during the day.

Riding the Columbia Road bike lane

The intersection of 18th and Columbia. The McDonalds on the right, across 18th, is still being repaired after a Subaru decided to try drive-thru service a couple months ago.

18th and Columbia

There is finally some movement on the renovation/addition to the old Ontario Theatre space. Back when the theatre was a performance space (before my time in DC), it hosted David Bowie, during his Ziggy Stardust phase.

Ontario Theatre demo

I arrived at Heller’s shortly after they opened, which meant the donuts were extra fresh and the selection was plentiful.

Heller's inside

The box contained the bounty: two glazed, two sprinkled, one sour cream, one chocolate over glazed, and one BIG apple fritter.

The box

Before I got back on the bike, I snapped this gratuitous self-portrait in a shiny car window:

Self-portrait in car window

Total errandonee mileage to date: 11.5
Total controls: 2 (Work Commute, Breakfast/Lunch)

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