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the errandonnee: a bit of shopping and dining

After my early morning run to Heller’s, my third day of acting errandonneuring involved some shopping and some dining.

The first order of business was a post-work run up to Rodman’s in Friendship Heights to pick up a few missing pieces of sprite’s birthday present, as well as some provisions for a dinner and movie party that takes place tonight.

The rush hour traffic on Wisconsin Ave NW is thick, and not particularly friendly to cyclists:

Rush hour traffic on Wisconsin Ave NW

My bike outside of Rodman’s (which is a great place to find imported food products, as well as wine, beer, and other yummy things):

The Rudi Projekt outside of Rodman's

The provisions: tea and chocolates for sprite, mustard for the house larder, and some yummy beers for me (including two from Epic Brewing: 825 State Porter and Brainless Imperial IPA):


Stopped by HTO on the way back home to price some locking wheel skewers for my mountain bike (it may soon see more use as a daily commuter with less-than-reliable parking). Didn’t buy, but nice to see what’s out there:


Riding back down Wisconsin Ave, back toward downtown, with far less traffic (and less sunlight):

Wisconsin Ave at Tenleytown

Much heavier traffic on Mass Ave, just past Observatory Circle. This was painful:

Traffic jam on Mass Ave

sprite chose to have dinner at Pete’s Apizza, DC’s best pizza place, and while we took the bus to Mt. Pleasant, we rode Capital Bikeshare back. Note sprite’s petticoat – very fun:

sprite on CaBi

Total errandonee mileage to date: 26.0
Total controls: 5 (Work Commute, Breakfast/Lunch, Dinner, Grocery Store, Bike Shop)

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