Tonight I came face-to-face with a four-point buck.

I was leaving the parking lot at my office, on my trusty bicycle. As I rolled up the ramp into the chilly night air, everything seemed at peace. My bike’s drivetrain whirred as I ascended the ramp, no creaks or noises from the chain, cogs, seat, or anything else. The stars were out, traffic was light enough to not be able to hear the drone of Wisconsin Avenue.

As I crest the top of the ramp, I look up and there, right in my face, is a deer.

This young buck had a decent rack: four points, no fuzz on his antlers. He even smelled slightly musky.

Our eyes met.

He moved out of my way – not with a lot of expediency, but still not wanting to hang out with me.

I stopped my bike, and the buck walked to a safer distance, maybe 20 feet away, then looked back at me.

It was a nice way to end my work week.