OK, so this dish wasn’t a big deal (or “a big dill” if speaking with a Utah accent) in my social circles growing up, and I’ve only cooked it once, but I do enjoy funeral potatoes.

“Funeral potatoes?,” I hear you ask. Yup. It’s a popular dish at many Utah gatherings, especially among those of the LDS faith. It’s a simple potato casserole that can be made with ingredients many people often have in their pantry.

I’ve found The Pioneer Woman’s recipe to be a great one to use for this dish, and it’s the one I used when I made them. To wit: both my friends and I liked it!

If anything it’s a hearty dish to serve during the cold months. It transports well, even freezes for later serving, and it can be made vegetarian with ease. Is it healthy food? No. But it sure is tasty!

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