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Thomas DolbyA few bits of randomness for this week….

I’m now 12-for-12 in terms of getting on the bike in May. Even yesterday’s rain didn’t stop me.

On Monday night, I went to see Thomas Dolby at The Birchmere. It was a terrific show for two reasons: first, he’s a great musician; and second, a good friend of mine from Connecticut College is his tour manager. So I got the best of both worlds: great music and a chance to catch up with Lunesse. What’s not to like?

The show featured a lot of tracks from throughout Dolby’s career, and while he included his two hits – “She Blinded Me With Science” and “Hyperactive” – he mostly played deeper cuts that are more powerful and less kitschy. In particular, “Budapest By Blimp” and “Flat Earth” were really great in a live setting. He also showed complete mastery of his tools, showing how well he can push a Mac to its limits. And the intimate venue of the theatre at The Birchmere was the ideal size for a concert that felt like it could’ve taken place in my living room – totally great. I snapped lots of pictures, which was fun.

(Oh, and the opening act, Carey Ott, was great too, with tight harmonies and excellent songcraft.)

Lunesse at FDR MemorialAfter the show, Lunesse and I got to catch up some more, and I got to give her a brief break from the tour by giving her a tour of some of DC’s monuments by night. We visited the Jefferson Memorial and the FDR Memorial, and just had a good time catching up on life. And because it was late, we essentially had the monuments to ourselves – really cool. Lunesse lives on the west coast, so we don’t get together as much as we’d like, so little visits like this are really special.

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