Haven’t been on a bike since last Saturday. I’m itching to get back on, but I know that my ribs need to mend. If it’s any consolation, it doesn’t hurt (much) to cough anymore. And I should be ready to go when next I lead a PPTC ride….

Congrats to the St. Louis Cardinals – and a big congrats to David Eckstein, who deserved the World Series MVP award. I’m glad that MLB didn’t cave and give it to Albert Pujols, who is a big money-maker for the bean counters….

I love Forefox 2! It’s faster than version 1.5, and really purrs on both the G5 at work and the Intel Mac at home. And most of my key plug-ins are working well – another big bonus….

So Borat will be on Letterman on Monday night – that’ll be a thing to behold!