Activity: road cycling
Location: Brandywine, WV > Sugar Grove, WV > McDowell, VA > Monterey, VA > Blue Grass, VA > Sugar Grove > Brandywine
Distance: 100.0 miles
Duration: 5:28
Weather: sunny, cold in the morning, then mild, 46-63 degrees
Avg HR: 140 (max 167)
Type: aerobic

Climbing the creekRode the Blue Ridge Byways route with a bunch of the PPTC gang. The route re-traces 5 of the mountain climbs featured on the Mountain Mama course, but does them in reverse. This sometimes meant getting an easier climb, but often meant taking the steeper way up the mountain. No matter, though, as the whole course featured lovely views of valleys, farms, and foliage. I didn’t “win” any of the hillclimbs, but I was never further back than third up the hill – and was usually second. But Flyin’ Brian was the speed demon of the day, getting palmares for KOM, sprints (to state lines) and the GC for the day.

Click on the photo to see a while set of pictures snapped on the ride.