An imposing sightA new weekly bit, launched by Hillary, and taken up by sprite and Sweetpea, I figured it would be a fun (and hopefully consistent) addition to this here blog.

The basic gist is to show a photo of what makes DC (or whatever place you call home) interesting to you. It needn’t be one of the more popular sites – simply something that is “my DC.”

So I chose the stair-step fountain at Meridian Hill Park (a.k.a. Malcolm X Park). It’s a lovely place, and full of life on weekends. Above the fountain’s origin, there’s a massive drum circle every week, as well as futbol and ultimate frisbee. You hear all kinds of languages here, too, but unlike the business speak of K Street, Foggy Bottom, and Georgetown, this is the domain of regular folk.

Additionally, they keep the fountain on well into November – something you’d never see in colder climes.