As I said yesterday, “Day of The Doctor” was a brilliant episode for Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary.

But this mockumentary, showing what some of the “classic” Doctors would do to appear in “Day of The Doctor,” is just as brilliant. Written and directed by Peter Davison – i.e. The Fifth Doctor – it is a fun romp with enough awesome cameos to make any fan giggle with joy.

Enjoy while it’s still on BBC iPayer (non-restricted):

Also good to watch (especially good if you haven’t seen “Day of The Doctor” just yet) is the web-only short, “Night of The Doctor,” starring Paul McGann (The Eighth Doctor whose demise wasn’t completely explained in the 2005 reboot):

Another short film that serves as a setup to “Day of The Doctor” is “The Last Day,” a POV record of a Gallifreyan soldier in training: