Activity: road cycling
Location: Washington, DC (Dupont Circle > Great Falls > Avenel > Capitol Crescent > Rock Creek > Dupont)
Distance: 40.8 mi.
Duration: 2:32
Weather: sunny/partly cloudy, 73 degrees
Max HR (bursts): 185 (beats in 10 seconds x 6)
Avg HR: 155
Type: aerobic

What a nice riding day! I was supposed to go sailing, but a lack of wind put the kybosh on said plans. So what was going to be a shorter ride ended up being a longer one, and a good one. I got some sun (I think I need to get some new sunblock, as the 15 I donned 30 minutes before the ride still allowed my knees to burn), and the air was nice, if a bit pollen-laden. I worked on pushing harder gears at slightly lower cadences (70-75 rpm. versus the 85-88 rpm I usually keep), as I try to work off some of the winter weight gain. I need to weigh in at Yates Field House next week to set a starting point, but I’m feeling better with every ride.