Okay, maybe it’s the antihistamines (the pollen count here in D.C. is through the roof these days), or maybe it’s the lack of sleep from my crazy schedule. Either way, I got a good belly laugh when I read this headline:

    “Faithful see Virgin Mary in underpass stain”

As “Faithful see Virgin Mary in underpants stain.” Brings a whole new angle to the story. How happy is this person with the idea of crowds gathering to see his soiled undergarments? Is it really an image of the Virgin Mary, or just a really bad plate of tacos enacting their revenge?

I get the same kind of belly-laugh confusion when I’m tired and read any headline that mentions the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Association). I tend to think it says “IKEA,” which makes me wonder how a Swedish furniture warehouse became such a player in the nuclear capabilities arena.