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jesus’ ipod: my 2 sheckels

sprite noticed an article about the hypothetical contents of Jesus’ iPod. It’s an interesting question, and I’ve got a few suggestions:

  • Jesus needs some Pink Floyd on his ‘pod. He’d need a balance of the early, Syd Barrett era psychedelia and the later, angst-ridden stuff. And “Echoes” would need to be on there, without a doubt.
  • Staying in the same vein, put on some Roger Waters as well. The “What God Wants” trio and “Too Much Rope” would fit nicely, as would “The Tide Is Turning,” “Towers Of Faith,” “Each Small Child” and “Leaving Beirut.”
  • Tom Waits would be on Jesus’ iPod, in some form.
  • Steve Earle would make an appearance….
  • … as would Talking Heads (something from More Songs About Buildings And Food, perhaps).
  • Miles Davis’ entire Kind Of Blue album would be there – sonic perfection.
  • To show he has humor, both Tiny Tim and Einstürzende Neubauten, some yin and yang of light humor and thrash, goth metal.
  • Two words: Spïnal Tap.

There are bound to be more, too. But this is a good start, right?

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